Minis for Missy

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Ever since I met Missy in 2011, I’ve watched her give.

She gives to her family.

To her friends.

To strangers.

She gives when it’s easy and when it’s hard. She gives no matter how much she has. She gives daily like it’s second nature.

I feel like she’s given to Caleb, Landon, and me most of all… but anyone she’s given to would probably feel that way.

On February 8, she left the house to get groceries and didn’t come home until February 14, after nearly a week in the hospital including multiple procedures, medications, blood work, specialty physician consults and a transfer to a hospital for a higher level of care and cardiac catheterization.

She left the hospital with 3 daily meds, a vest she has to wear 24/7 (until the doctor hopefully clears her - if he doesn’t, she’ll have another procedure), and a stack of bills that just keeps growing.

In light of the medical bills she has and has to come, I am holding two days of mini sessions in support of Missy. 100% of the funds will go straight toward her medical bills.

As always, mini sessions are $100. You will receive a 20 minute session and 15+ edited images in a gallery afterwards.

Sign up here for either March 16 or 30.

If you feel you’d like to give more, I will gladly pass that along to Missy as well, or you can donate on her Go Fund Me page.

Dave has always been just as giving and has been an incredible support to Missy. They would both be so embarrassed if they knew I was writing this about them and will probably tell me I shouldn’t have! But I love them too much to let them conquer this burden alone!