Most years, I’ve made goals for myself around the new year. This year, I felt like one word can capture all that I hope to accomplish this year…


I love this word because it inspires action.


Internally (and sometimes not-so-internally), I’ve struggled with finding the positive side of things. I can make any situation depressing. It changes the attitude of those around me for the worse.

Recently, after I made everyone around me frustrated for no reason, I thought,

“Why did I act that way? This situation was fine until I came into it with a nasty attitude. What if I had been positive instead?”

I realized that I do this a lot. It makes Landon upset, Caleb frustrated with me, and (although they wouldn’t show it or let me know) my in-laws were probably put into a bad mood too. I was certainly in a bad mood for the rest of the night, as was everyone around me… all because of how I chose to act.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that life will not meet all your expectations. I hoped to have kids, but I didn’t expect to be living with my in-laws when I had them. I hoped to stay home with my kids, but I didn’t expect to be an entrepreneur from home while I did it. I hoped to get married, but I didn’t expect Caleb (seriously, complete opposite of what I thought — but exactly who I need!)

Sometimes my situation is amazing, and it’s easy to find the good. Other times, I let my situation get me down, and it affects every part of my life.

I can’t let my situation, others’ attitudes, or anything else affect my attitude. My attitude, my delight, comes from the Lord.

Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

There are so many verses that speak to delight, but this one has always stuck out to me and even more so this year.

I’ve always been taught this verse can go one of two ways — find your delight in the Lord, and he will change your situation OR find your delight in the Lord and he will change your heart towards the situation you’re in.

I’m certainly not perfect at this one week into the year, but that’s why it’s my word for all of 2019. By the end of the year, I hope to look back and see how I chose to be positive because really, all my hope and delight is found in the Lord!

What’s your word for 2019? Check out how you can keep it in the forefront of your mind below!