Stewart Family | Fall 2018

This session was so much fun! And there's actually a funny story about it... We had to do it twice! I have never had to do that before, but there is a first (and hopefully last) time for everything!

So, let me tell you the story… the Stewarts showed up to our location, we had a great time with our photoshoot, and then we all went home.

A couple of days later, I went to edit the photos... and I couldn't find them! I felt absolutely sick about it. So I let Joy know and she was so gracious and kind! We rescheduled and got some great shots!

Joy and Kevin obviously have a fun time together and their boys were so kind and thoughtful! I greatly enjoyed their session! Thanks for spending two sessions with me, Stewarts!

Spaulding Family | Christmas

We had a chilly, windy day during this shoot - but you wouldn't be able to tell from the warm smiles on this family! We had such a fun time getting these photos!

Aren't they a great looking family? The kids obviously always have a good time together and were telling me lots of jokes!

I loved spending some time with this sweet family! And with that... I can officially say goodbye to Christmas... for now!



Most years, I’ve made goals for myself around the new year. This year, I felt like one word can capture all that I hope to accomplish this year…